L S L : Learn. Share. Lead. "Empowering people. Creating Entrepreneurs."
LSL is a group creating and celebrating abundance in an socio-entrepreneurial setup. LSL stands for Learn. Share. Lead. We collectively learn, share and lead various serial and parallel startups. Learning aims at educating, Sharing aims at enabling and Leading aims at empowering people.

We are an ambitious and open-minded people, all across the globe, and from all walks of life. Several group members are CXOs, VPs, Managers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Students, Restaurateurs and so on. The LSL group was formed in 2009 and has an active presence in Finland, Germany, India, Japan, UAE, UK, US, Singapore and growing. We are always looking for a global expansion and looking for sharp, dynamic and enterprising people.

To have a profitable involvement of the group members and to apply the learnings in real life business scenario, we are also contributing on a global business project with a multi-billion dollar MNC conglomerate. The MNC is already a member of World Economic Forum; is a strategic partner with Commonwealth Business Council; is a sponsor of an elite Formula 1 car, and many other international partnerships, endorsements and sponsorships.
Why to be part of L S L?

LSL educates and empowers open-minded individuals to develop and nourish the personality traits required for an effective entrepreneurship. If you are a dynamic person with an interest in ENTREPRENEURSHIP and are looking for a socio-entrepreneurial venture, LSL is the perfect group to work with. We as a group are focussed on:
  1. Entrepreneurial Intelligence and skills
  2. Organizational Leadership
  3. Wealth Creation
  4. Developing Systems That Breed Success
  5. Creating Success Mind-Sets and Success Belief Systems
  6. Getting Rid of Fantasized Experiences Assumed Real (FEAR)
"You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight." - Jim Rohn
How to be part of L S L?
If the answer to the above is yes, please write to us with following information and also your resume:
  1. Why do you want to take up an entrepreneurial project?
  2. Are you a decisive leader?
  3. Your preference for initial discussion: telephonic or in person? Preferred timings and days?
  4. Will you be interested in a part-time project or a full-time opportunity?
  5. Your preferred location from where you wish to operate and also your contact details.
On receipt of the above information, we shall discuss in detail and see if we can work together.
NOTE: All information shall be kept confidential by us. We shall NEVER share your details with anyone.
If you want to know more about LSL and be a part of it, do write back to us at info@DrNikhil.net